February 12, 2013

Around the House: February

These days I am:

~Enjoying the seasonal temperatures, which have been seldom and fleeting. Like much of the country, the weather in Virginia has been extremely unpredictable.

~Cheering as my girl plays indoor field hockey.  I still don't understand the rules, but I do enjoy watching.

~Thankful for God's grace in difficult conversations with my girl. Being the mother of a teenage daughter isn't for the faint of heart. As awkward and uncomfortable as these talks are (for both of us), they are necessary and good. (I did say I needed to grow in my willingness to do hard things!).

~Learning a lot about John Quincy Adams . Despite his fascinating career (he served under George Washington, and was a member of Congress - with Abraham Lincoln - AFTER he was President), he is still overshadowed by his parents.

~Pondering the Lamb of God on my way to work each morning, as I pass by a pasture of grazing sheep and newborn lambs. His sacrifice for my atonement fills me with wonder and gratitude.

~Anticipating a weekend away with a group of ladies of the iron-sharpening sort.

~Starting a commonplace book.  I love this idea and am thankful to Trisha for introducing me me to this practice.

~Thankful that my Dad is a talented & willing auto mechanic.

~Snuggling with my man and watching Inspector Lewis. I'm hoping to try Foyle's War or Wallander next.

~Wondering if I'll find my writing chops so I can start blogging with some regularity again. Perhaps I'll start sharing entries from my commonplace book and why they resonate with me.