November 9, 2009

The Gift of Order

Another gift that God has given me during this time is the gift of order. After I quit wallowing, I saw that He was giving me a list of things to pray over. I'm sure the list will be long by the time it's all said and done, but for now it consists of just two things. I knew I was hearing Him right when I told R that we need to be doing this in steps, and he replied, "Yes, and right now we need to pray about _____ & _________." (exactly what I was going to tell him!)

Having a plan makes all the difference. Praying in such a practical manner keeps me focused and gives me peace. I like knowing that God has a plan of attack. He's the general, and we're soldiers. Our job is to carry out His orders. Every.single.time. I veer away from the list and start praying for something else, I end up depressed, confused, and angry. That's not what He wants for me at all.

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.
~1 Cor. 14:33 (ESV)
I admit I've taken this verse out of context, but I think it applies because it speaks to the character of God. He doesn't like confusion. He wants us to have peace and order. What a comfort that is to me at a time when my life could be topsy-turvy!

And the gifts, they keep on coming...


Carrie said...

What a wonderful thought! I really, really appreciate you sharing this journey that you are on, online. It's not just a blog. It's like a special message to my heart each and every day. So thank you! You are giving me things to think about that keep a peaceful and quiet heart.

jenmom said...

I thank you for sweet Melissa! What a testimony of Your grace in her family's life. Provide for their every need. Direct their steps, so that through this journey You will be glorified through this family and they will be drawn evermore close to you!

Leah said...

Well said, Melissa. I love that verse - in context or out! =)

Lisa Spence said...

Yeah, what Carrie said. I too appreciate your transparency through this particular chapter of your journey. Great post!