July 9, 2006

The Biggest Loser

One of our family' summer traditions is softball. For the past 12 summers, R has played on our men's team. I prefer gabbing with the other players' wives...but we all try to make sure we see our men in at least one play so that on the ride home we can each dutifully say, "Wow, honey...that was a great hit/catch/play." The men, of course, are happy & clueless to the fact that we didn't see the entire game!

You know the fellowship is good, because the wives and children travel 45 minutes to watch the guys play. Yep...45 minutes there & 45 minutes home. Although the games start in late April, CJ & I don't go until school's out. So we didn't get to a game until late in June. Our team lost that night.

Several years ago, I dreaded the ride home after we lost a game. But R's mellowed (translation, gotten older) and losing's not SO much of a big deal anymore. Not so for CJ. The minute we got in the car, she said "You guys stink! I'm not coming to any more of your games!"

Funny thing was, that was the first loss of the season. It's still the only loss. But, CJ couldn't accept that R's team was any good because she'd only seen them lose. At first, I laughed at CJ's comment because it seemed so ridiculous. Then I started thinking...

How many times do I look like a "loser" to others? I lose my temper. I lose control. I lose my patience. I just LOSE IT. And no matter how many times I've read my Bible, prayed, served God, or just gotten it right...those people who just saw me lose will find it hard to believe that I'm not a LOSER. Sure, I know I'm a winner because of Jesus. I know I will finish the race in Heaven. I know He forgives every time I ask Him (Praise you, Sweet Jesus!). But do they? Can they believe I'm a winner if they've only seen me lose?

If we don't have a summer evening thunderstorm Tuesday night, CJ & I will be able to watch R play again. I really hope they win. Who knows what my precious daughter will say if they don't!

"Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run is such a way that you may win." -1 Corinthians 9:24

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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hello Melissa, just visited your website - love this post. What a good reminder to us all. Its easy to get discouraged by dwelling on the impression we might leave with someone who only sees us now and then; much more encouraging to know He not only sees us on good days and bad, but also that He loves us the same no matter what; whether we win or lose at that day's game. Just added you to my bloglines list.