July 13, 2006

Thursday 13

~ I've been married 13 years. We've walked thru the fires together, but I really wouldn't change it. He's my bestest friend, and I love him so!

~ R's softball jersey is Number 12. Actually, it's also been his basketball jersey number. He chose it for the 12 tribes of Israel & the 12 disciples.

~ We've been a part of our church family for 11 years.

~ I've lost 10 pounds since April. Hard work, this diet & exercise thing!

~ 9 women I'd really like to meet (but probably never will, at least on earth): Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Lisa Whelchel, Boomama, Bev, Addie, Reese Witherspoon, the Women of Faith team (I'm sneaking them all in under one category!) & Giada De Laurentiis.

~I have 8 sets of dishes. Seriously. If you're asking "What's up with that?!" you can rest assured, R wonders the same thing!

~ Much to her dismay, CJ is only 7 years old. She's ready to grow up, while we're desperately trying to stop her!

~ There are 6 pictures of CJ in my office.

~ I own 5 Vera Bradley bags. I'm fighting the urge to collect more, but it's so darn hard!

~ We leave for vacation in 4 weeks & I can't wait!

~ In September, I'm going to see Lisa Whelchel for the 3rd time. I may even hunt her down & tell her I've met her friend Sarah in the blogosphere!

~ I pass thru 2 stoplights on my way to work. Oh, the joys of small town life!

~ There's only 1 Savior & Lord, and 1 way to Heaven... and His name is JESUS!


sobeit said...

Hey, what a neat list! Congratulations on loosing the weight! Believe me, I know how much work it requires! I hope you have a wonderful vacation. My summer vacation will be over in two weeks..yuck! Thank goodness for the #1, our Savior!

Take care and God Bless,

sobeit said...

Silly me, I forgot to answer your question. I will be teaching fifth grade this year. I've taught it before, but I have to say I loved teaching those little ones in K and 1st. It'll be alright!

Addie said...

Ah, you wanna meet me? That's so cool! I'd love to meet you too. Maybe we should try to schedule something with Reese and Lisa. I'd like to meet them too.

Good job on the 10 lbs!!!

Melissa said...


Well...Sarah could probably hook us up with Lisa. But do any of us know anyone who remotely knows Reese?

We'll have to plan a blogger's retreat one weekend. I'm so there!

BooMama said...

Um, I don't even know what to say about #9. I mean, it's oh-so-very-encouraging, but you'd probably have more fun with Reese and Lisa...I'm pretty boring. :-) Addie and I are actually meeting for the first time next week - and if you figure out a way to meet Giada de Laurentis, you just let me know. LOVE HER. :-)

Michelle said...

that was a pretty creative way to do the TT! You've done it before like this? COOL!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Melissa, if you ever meet Giada, you've got to take me with you--I LOVE her! (Although it's impossible that she actually eats her own food, seeing as how she's the size of a toothpick!)

And I just wanted to say that I think it's so nice you want to meet my mom. She is pretty great:) And Lisa is, too. As for Reese, I have no idea. But she's so darn cute, she has to be nice!! :)

Anonymous said...
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