September 13, 2006

The Most Profound Thing I've Heard All Week

If carbohydrates are so evil, why did Jesus refer to Himself as the "Bread of Life"?

(Lisa Whelchel at the Extraordinary Women conference Friday night)

Can I get an A.M.E.N. ?!


Shalee said...


Sheri said...

AMEN!! I love it!

GiBee said...

AMEN and AMEN!!!

Love that!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

No kidding!!!! I wonder what we (America) will come up with next that's so horribly dangerous that we've been eating for years. Carbs, fats, eat bacon and cheese all the time. Good grief. How 'bout just eat what youre hungry for? I personally plan to have a Blizzard for dinner tonight - about the same calories as a burger and fries. I just dont believe my body knows a heck of a lot of difference. So yes, AMEN!!!

Barb said...

She's a pretty smart lady!