July 16, 2007

Savoring the Weekend

~Picking my girl up from camp! She's been to two different camps this summer, and I'm glad there aren't any more. We're ready to have her home.

~Watching 75 kids sing praises to the Lord at the camp's closing ceremony

~Visiting dear friends, and having an opportunity to bless them as they've blessed me over the years

~Too much time spent in the car

~Enjoying this movie. Not as good as the book (my fave), but still worth watching

~Trying to calm a meltdown in the Old N*vy dressing room. CJ isn't cut out for those cute, skinny girl clothes

~Praying for a church mission team leaving for Greece this weekend

~A Sunday afternoon nap on the loveseat with my favorite "snuggle bunny", CJ

~Sweet kisses from my favorite toddler...my friend's 18 month old son

~BLT sandwiches. One of the best parts of summer, if you ask me.

~Coffee ice cream.

~Catching up on "The West Wing" DVDs with hubby

Altogether, it was a wonderful weekend. Please continue to pray for R's injured ankle. I may have been premature in my last post. The swelling & bruising hasn't gotten better, and he went for x-rays today. We'll have the results tomorrow.
What are your weekend memories?



Alana said...

Great movie! That is one I would like to own. I don't usually like to watch movies over and over, but that one I would see again and again!

Sorry to hear about the Old Navy meltdown. I can relate to that as a girl and a woman. It is so hard being a girl in that respect.


Melissa said...


Yes, it is a great movie...one I'd like to own. I've read the book many, many times & just fall in love with it every time I pick it up.

I'm hoping the ON meltdown isn't the start of pre-teendom...but I'm afraid it is. I HATE buying clothes for myself, but it's never been a problem for CJ until now. *SIGH*

Jennifer said...

I LOVE The West Wing!!! It's actually a show that doesn't assume you're stupid; I like that. :-)

I've almost had lots of meltdowns in Old N*vy dressing rooms; their pants are NOT made for my body type.