August 19, 2007

Looking Ahead

We hadn't been sitting on the beach very long when I noticed them walk by and sit on the bench behind us. I glanced over, then turned my attention back to the waves. R & I sat there, watching CJ & her friend play, listening to the rhythmic crashing, holding hands & relaxing.

I stole another glimpse, and noticed how close they were sitting. How comfortable they seemed. How right they looked together.

"I want to be them in 40 years." I told R.


Everyone in the cottage was busy. The hammock on the back porch was empty. We snuck out to enjoy some time alone. 30 minutes. We talked a little. We laughed a little. We soaked in the quietness of those few moments when the world wasn't intruding, and we could just be.


We sat on couch, facing each other. My legs casually thrown across his. We talked about someone else's marriage in trouble, and our concern for that family. We discussed what we think went wrong. How we don't want that to happen to us. We read our Sunday School lesson. We examined the Word together. We realized that what has kept us from becoming this other couple is God's grace, and His presence in our lives.

After the eventful past of our marriage, I'm happy for these peaceful times. For this quiet season. I'm thankful for where the Lord has brought us. I don't think much about where He's taking us, but I hope it looks a lot like the present. When I do envision it, I hope it looks like this

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The Small Scribbler said...

I love the photo. I want Stuart and I to be like that too.


Alana said...

I often think that same thing when I see older couples still holding hands and enjoying each others company.

Janelle said...

So sweet and tender. That is what marriage should be.

Anonymous said...

I linked to you from small scribbler (and at 2 am answered your question on her blog because I didn't read it well enough! I'm blurry!).
Just wanted to say - great question, and I'm enjoying the thought as I go to bed, and look forward to sharing it with John tomorrow, along with my answer.

Christine said...

Yup, that's so sweet. I know we'll be like that someday- remembering, reminiscing, loving. The "stuff" of life will be gone and it will just be us.

kittyhox said...

We have a favorite older couple at church (whom we don't actually know) that we've picked out as the couple we want to be like. It's just a vibe they send off and we always try to sit behind/around them because they are just neat.

The Small Scribbler said...

I have an award to pass on to you at my blog.


Kellie said...

I love the photo! I want to be like them as well!! I've often loved the term "growing old with you". I think about that many times when I look at D. :o)

Happy MM!