December 25, 2007

Double Vision

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To understand what my Savior means to me
You must look beyond Calvary.
No, I do not deny the impact of the Cross,
For it was there my Beloved paid the cost
Of my sin; my shame and guilt He did bear
So that I could look at my life and see Him here:

In the hug of a child, so precious and dear;
When she says say “I love you”, it’s His voice I hear.
In the love of a friend who holds my hand tight,
I can hear Him whisper, “My child, I’m here. Everything’s alright.”
When I was ready, He made me a wife
To a husband who ministers to me each day of my life.
So many other blessings I can’t begin to count.
I’m afraid if I do, I’ll leave something out.

But it’s this about my Jesus that I most truly love:
That He left His glorious home up above
To come to this world. My heart can’t comprehend
How He could leave His Father for this place of sin.
Born among animals. He died amidst thieves,
Ridiculed and mocked. Oh! Soul can’t you see
That my Jesus left Heaven that night long ago
Because He knew that years later I would be needing Him so!

I ask you to put the manger beside the Cross.
See them together, and realize God’s loss.
How it must have hurt to send His Son away,
Yet He did so, even knowing there would come a day
He would see Jesus again, but covered in blood,
So that all of His children could say “JESUS IS LORD!”
And reconcile with Him in our Heavenly home;
This is the reason Jesus left His Throne.

Don’t focus on one and lose sight of the other.
To know the whole story, you must put them together;
The manger of hay and Calvary’s tree
Unite with the message: MY JESUS LOVES ME.

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Alana said...

Did you write that?

Beautiful message.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Yes, I did. Thanks!

Janelle said...

WOW! I am impressed with your talent.

That was beautiful. I love the visual of the manger and the cross. God lost His son for us. I feel so unworthy sometimes when I think of that sacrifice.

I am going to print this, if you don't mind.

Bev said...

Melissa, I LOVED this - wonderful reminders of what this season is all about, the cost, thank you for it.

Angie said...

Melissa, that is beautiful. I am blessed everytime I stop by here for a visit.

Heather C said...

Absolutely beautiful, Melissa! I love it!!!


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

WOW! This is absolutely beautiful!

Lisa writes... said...

Beautiful! Thanks for pointing me this direction; my blog reading has been sporadic to say the least, so I'm so glad I stopped by!

His Girl said...

wow! glad I found you today! fantastic poem!!!

Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

Merry Christmas!