January 3, 2008

Must-See TV

We visited friends this past weekend, and went to this church. The Holy Spirit rained down, just as He has every other time we've visited. I've been just a wee bit envious that I can't be part of this church family (the 3+ hour commute would be just horrible!)

But this weekend, the pastor announced that Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will begin broadcasting the church's services, twice every Sunday! HA-LE-LU-YAH!

Check TBN for times. Trust me...you'll be blessed!


L.A. said...

That is awesome. I came out of a Southern Baptist church (I married a spirit filled evangelical minister). I now attend a spirit filled church. I love seeing Baptist churches on fire for Christ.

Melissa in Mel's World said...


Thanks for the tip and the suggestion! I will moste certainly check it out and see what they are doing over there! Thanks again!

Melissa in Mel's World