June 17, 2008

Around the House - June Edition

I am:

~Celebrating that school's finally done!

~So happy that we cut back on daycare this summer. CJ spent all day with her dad yesterday. They worked on a friend's shed roof (she was the gopher, and loved every minute of it), napped, and had dinner ready when I got home. Today, she and R have gone to see his mom. The rest of the week, she's visiting family & friends each day. I'm hoping a sprinkling of "off" weeks will be a blessing...less structure for CJ, and less money for us.

~A little sad that CJ's softball season is done, but happy to clear our schedule (except for R's church league softball)

~Praying for church mission teams in Africa and Peru

~Thankful for last night's rain and cooler temps this week

~Looking forward to a "Camp Rock" sleepover Friday night and the Billy Joel concert Saturday

~Preparing for summer Bible study

I should:

~finish purging my clothes & CJ's clothes

~weed the flower beds

~go to bed earlier so I'll stop sleeping in

~buy groceries

~not spend so much time with my nose in a book

~look over my calendar & make some phone calls

~do laundry tonight

~announce that the winner of the "With Endless Sight" giveaway is Amanda! I'll be emailing you for your address.


Amanda said...

Wahoooah! I never win stuff! Thanks Melissa! I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Ah... a nice summer read sitting in my new decorated guest room in my little chair (perfect for short people like me) in front of an open window with a breese and a view of my little neignborhood... reading about grace. I'm all dreamy already.

This moment brought to you, by Breath of Life. The Lover of our souls and Keeper of our faith. Thanks for sharing this Melissa.

Anonymous said...

We are having cooler temps this week as well. It is such a nice blessing to have a break from the 90s!

Jill said...

You lucky girl getting to see Billy Joel. My hubby church softball league play finally ended last night. It was fun (for him) but ran 12 weeks - every Monday night.

Lisa Spence said...

What Bible study are you doing this summer?

Janelle said...

Life is too short to always do the "Shoulds". Those pesky weeds will wait, I have proof.

Heather C said...

I was sad to see my son's T-ball season end, but like you, grateful for the break in the schedule. Here's to summer! :) Praying that your change in routine with CJ will bring great things :)