July 17, 2008

Around the House - July Edition


~the "No Other Gods" study, along with the Siestas

~having my girl back from camp

~a new housecleaning find

~a new lip balm

~a clean, organized dresser...more things taken to consignment


~for an obedient heart

Looking forward to:

~vacation at the end of the month


Jillian, Inc. said...

I can only imagine how great it was to see your girl! And, I LOVE that lip balm.

Tracy said...

Loved reading "Around the House."

So happy you are taking part in the summer study with the other Siestas! I sat out because we were still working through our Priscilla Shirer study. (I try not to be jealous when I read all the great things God is doing through this study!) ; )

I know exactly what you mean about having your one and only girl back home. The week our son was at camp was often the LONGEST of the summer!

And hey, new lip balm (sweetness!) and lavender Comet?!(going to have to check that out). Then a vacation at the end of the month? Wow!

I love that tucked in the middle there is your prayer for an obedient heart...I echo that prayer today.

Thanks for this sweet blessing.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Love that Burt's Bees lippy. I keep a gazillion of them on hand at all times--bathroom, bedside table, console of the car, purse, pocket, and anywhere else I may need it!

Kelly said...

I am going to have to try both the burt's bees and the lavender comet:-)

I am doing the No Other God's study, too. Are you doing it solo or with a local group?
I'm on my own but still getting so much from it.

Bev said...

I grew up with my mom sprinkling the tub with comet for the next person who went in there to win the job of scrubbing it, and somehow it became a favorite cleaning product, but in lavender - that's much, much better. Thanks!