July 22, 2008

The C Word

I've been open about my recent struggle to believe God for the trip to Peru. What I haven't shared is another struggle I'm having regarding my place in ministry. I am facing a choice between two opportunities. I don't have a true sense of where He wants me. No deep desire to serve one place more than another. No revelations and no confirmations. I can certainly identify with this post of Sarah's. I am so there right now.

Both options are good. Both frightening. Both necessitate a change in the status quo. Both require more than I can give. I've realized I'm not strong enough for either.

I don't know why I'm still amazed when the Lord speaks to my need at just the right time. Look at the sweetness He spoke to my soul today!

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.
~2 Chronicles 16:9

I had convinced myself that I should just forget it because I'm not up for either choice. Truth is, I'm not...but I don't have to be if I'm fully committed to Him.

Melissa, I will give you strength. Don't run away because you are frightened. Trust Me. TRUST ME. Be fully committed to me.

Fully committed. No wonder I feel so weak.

Lord, I'm tired of feeling defeated and intimidated. I crave your strength. Please give me a heart that is fully committed to you.


Alyce said...

Hi there...
got your comment late last night. Hope you are having a good week. Ours is going great.
Have a nice relaxing vacation next week!

Amanda said...

Amen, to your prayer. I'm joining in with you in that!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

THIS was beautifully put, praying your prayer with you today.

DeeDee said...


I am so stealing this from Oswald Chambers, but it speaks directly to your thoughts. Taken from "My Utmost for His Highest" on July 21:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit... This is the first principle in the kingdom of God. The underlying foundation of Jesus Christ's kingdom is poverty, not possessions; not making decisions for Jesus, but having such a sense of absolute futiltiy that we finally admit, 'Lord, I cannot even begin to do it.' Then Jesus says, 'Blessed are you...' Matthew 5:11. OC goes on to say, 'The knowledge of our own poverty is what brings us to the proper place where Jeus Christ accomplishes His work.'"

So be encouraged. God is about to accomplish a mighty work through you!

Always love reading your blog!

Kelly said...

Loved reading your thoughts and know God is at work in this situation. He has something great planned for you, and your desire to be open to His plans for you must thrill Him.

much2ponder said...

I can so relate on many levels with what you are saying in this post. It is scary and also freeing to not only give all control to the Lord and allow him to complete in us the work he has begun, but it is also a bit unsettling when we don't know what to expect and we can't rally plan for what is coming. God has been teaching me through some very similar issues. Thanks for your post it encourages me so much.