August 17, 2008


The mission team that went to Peru gave a full presentation tonight.

We've heard testimonies throughout the summer during worship and Vacation Bible School. Our VBS offering this year was designated to help the New Life Children's Home. God provided enough money to bring 8 orphans into the home for a year, and build a new school. Over $18,000 in 5 days. Sometimes I'm ashamed that I forget exactly how big my God is!

Still, there is much to be done.

In the capital city of Lima, there are approximately 14 million people (those registered with the census). There are approximately 600,000 abandoned children under the age of 18. 250,000 of those are elementary school age or younger. When they are found, they are placed in holding tanks, where 3-4 babies share a crib. The children have no name, and no birth date. New Life Children's Home brings children in, gives them a name, a birth date, and a the love of a Christian staff. The Home cannot function without the financial support of others. Our church is committed to making people aware of the great work to be done. For more information on New Life Children's Home, you can click here to watch a short video.

Listening to what God did through our team of 20 confirmed to me that I am to be a part of next year's team. In 12 days, God used this team to save over 1,000 souls. The impact this trip has had on the team, and on our church family, has been enormous. I cannot wait to be a part of God's work there next summer. I know June 2009 isn't exactly the near future, but I'm looking for some bloggy friends who will commit to pray with me as I prepare for this trip. If He tugs at your heart, please let me know so that I may share prayer needs with you via email.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

WOW! What an amazing testimony of God's incredible incredible-ness!

Our little Lucia lives in Lima...

So excited for this part of your future!


kim said...

Count me in and please be praying for my family as we seek wisdom, knowledge and God's will about another adoption...

Kim P.

Mary said...

Melissa, I will add you to my prayer book. In 1989 I went to San Cristobal, Venezuala on a week long misison trip. I'd never been further from home than Florida so this was huge for me. I'm so glad I went. It's been almost 20 years and I can still see the faces of the children I met. That trip made a huge impact on me and I'm so thankful that I went.