August 8, 2008

Finding Stefanie Blog Tour

I liked Stefanie Noble from the moment I met her. This cowgirl is dedicated and hard-working. She quit college to return to the family ranch and nurse her broken heart. Then her father died, and she stepped up to run the ranch because her brothers couldn't. She's stronger than she thinks. She's also stubborn, and lonely.

I wasn't so fond of Lincoln Cash, a Hollywood pretty boy who's made a name for himself with his staggering good looks instead of his acting abilities. He's not as strong as he thinks. He's also stubborn and lonely.

You can imagine that the sparks fly when Stefanie and Lincoln realize they're neighbors. Actually, his house is on fire when the renew a brief acquaintance (both have fond memories of their first meeting). The pair quickly fall to fighting over Gideon, an 18-year old runaway, who is responsible for the fire. For Lincoln, Gideon is a reminder of his questionable past. For Stefanie, he is a reminder of a childhood dream, and a chance to make that dream come true.

Finding Stefanie is the third book in the Noble Legacy series by Susan May Warren. I haven't read the first two, Reclaiming Nick and Taming Rafe. Finding Stefanie stands on its own, but I enjoyed it so much that I requested my library purchase the others.

If you'd like to read an excerpt, click here. You can also click here to buy the book.

And if you'd like to win a $50 gift certificate to your local movie theater, Grab your magnifying glass and join me on a Fact-o-Find!

Answer these questions about the bloggers on the tour and be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the movie theater of your choice! Email your answers to amy(at)susanmaywarren(dot)com.

Ready, get set, giddy-up!

1. Which blogger is adopting a girl from China ?

2. This word 'featherbunkle' is found on which blog?

3. Which blogger is supporting the 'Pickens Plan'?

4. Which blog is "The Cutest Blog on the Block"?

5. Which blogger is a S@HM and also a wife, daughter, sister, friend, nursery director, and woman that is just trying to keep it all together?

6. Which blogger is taking the Southern Reading Challenge?

7. Which blog asks 'How may we serve you'?

8. Which blogger refers to her son as 'super good big guy'?

9. Which blogger is a self-proclaimed 'Starbucks Addict'?

10. Which blogger is a big Trekkie?


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Good luck!

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I really enjoyed this series as well!