September 6, 2008


I'm coming up on the home stretch in the year of peace and simplicity. Just a few precious months left, though I know this will be a lifelong quest. I don't want to get complacent and revert back to the chaos.

Over this

As I've shared many, many times...God has done an incredible work. So much so that routine and organization are comforts to me now. I find I don't function well in the busy-ness and messiness that once ruled my life. I can't go non-stop like I used to. I don't even want to. I crave calm, coziness, and home.

Even greater...things don't hold much appeal for me anymore. And the books (you remember the book sacrifice, don't you?)...when I'm done reading, I immediately pack them in my church bag for donation to the library. I am over being controlled by anything other than the Lord.

Which brings me to an area I've struggled with for quite some time. Blogging. I started blogging in hopes of developing a ministry. A big ministry, to be honest. I've been nearly consumed with numbers and comments, all while ignoring the ministry possibilities blogging has afforded me. I've realized that if I concentrate on relationships rather than responses, I can have a ministry of eternal worth. As with many other things, blogging is taking on a different role in my life.

I've been called to invest in the lives of family, friends, certain members of my church family, the youth, and even some bloggers. I can't invest wisely if I've spent the majority of my efforts on things that don't bring the best reward. A good reward isn't good enough. I want God's best. I'm ashamed to say how many times I've settled for less.

So, I will be seen less around the blogosphere, more in the lives of those God has placed in my path...both personally and through cyberspace. And you know what? I feel a great peace about this change.

It's that simple.


much2ponder said...

Wow! Again, it seems our minds are running somewhat parallel. I have slowed down my blogging for the very same reasons. I still show up and read, but don't always post. I have enjoyed reading your blog in particular, in fact it is one of the first ones I put on my blog list. I will enjoy your posts when you do feel led to leave one. The clutter thing, I need help in that area, "busy-ness" and lack of organization do cause a lot of chaos in my life. I have made a lot of personal changes, but still have a ways to go. Thanks for you insight. I will miss you.

Julie said...

I found you through Angela's (Becoming Me) blog.
I applaud you for listening to Papa God's heart. I too am doing the same thing. I just quit going to a Bible study that I have attended for 2 years since moving to this town. Though women are telling me they miss me and my voice, I am at rest. I now spend my Friday's alone doing what I hear Papa God calling me to. So far those days have consisted of sitting in Starbucks, with my ipod plugged in writing my heart. I am at rest.

Blogging for me was a surprise. Once I joined I was asked to write devotionals for 2 blogs. It was a big step for me. I have sorta been running from writing. Now this world has opened up to me and I am loving writing every word. Though I don't post every day and sometimes not even once a week I love the outlet of writing my heart.

It's a blessing to see that He brings each one of us just where we need to be and then fills us with His peace and rest.

Thanks for sharing your heart.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

My blogging has changed in that way as well. With it somewhat becoming a business (writing for 5 Minutes for Mom and starting the book site), I have less time for my own blog and for others' blogs.

I find it best to spend my blog time not trying to get ahead, but to go deeper.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Just to clarify...

I will post pretty much as I did before...I don't imagine there will be a noticeable difference there. The change will come in the amount of blogs I READ...I have cut that # drastically. So I won't be "seen" as much at other blogs.

Jillian, Inc. said...

Completely undrstand where you are coming from. It is amazing how much time blogging can consume. You know I've grown to cherish you, your wise words and hope we can continute to learn more about one another via blogs and otherwise. I've said this've had quite a year!

Alana said...

I am right there with you! You must wonder if that is true as much as I say it but we seem to be twins in our struggles! I need to reply to your Facebook message...I will soon. I want to fill you in on me and see how you are doing as well!

Amy Guerino said...

Very wise words and I've come to many of the same conclusions.

You may want to change your "Leave your comment" section to reflect this post....I don't expect you to respond to this in an email as I have it in my profile.

P.S. My daughter's name is Elizabeth from Austen's Pride and asked in an email and my email program is giving me grief. So, I'll answer here as you probably haven't had time nor is it a priority to check out my blog post on the Classics Bookclub.

Alyce said...

hey girl..
I spend way too much time on the computer. I normally allot 1 hour in the mornings, just for reading blogs. Sometimes its longer than that. I really should be spending my time more wisely, something that I have been dealing w/ a long time now.. Best wishes on cutting back on "blog time".... seems like lots of us need to!
Thanks again for the angel this morning! You've been a great "secret pal"!

Lisa writes... said...

All good things can become idols if we're not careful. I know the Lord will bless your willingness to say yes to Him!