November 6, 2008

Around the House: November

Updated to add the most important thing! In Bible study Wednesday night, 3 of my girls announced they'd accepted Christ at a weekend youth event! Praise the Lord!

I've been absent from the blogosphere longer than I anticipated. I have several posts swimming around in my head, but they haven't made it to my fingers yet. Perhaps this weekend, though the next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy (busier than I want to be!).

~Cooler temps have finally arrived! The leaves are beautiful, and I'm in love with Autumn all over again. There's nothing quite coming home from work, listening to Yo-Yo Ma and greeted by a canopy of blazing orange, scarlet and yellow trees as I drive through my neighborhood. It's one of the highlights of my day.

~Mexican Chicken Soup and homemade bread will be waiting when CJ& I get home tonight. Yumm-o!

~R is traveling out of town to a college football game tonight. After CJ & I study for her FOUR tests tomorrow & she gets into bed, I'll pour some hot tea and settle in with a good book. Perhaps even watch a bit of the game on TV.

~Our most recent Netflix shipment arrived yesterday. On the agenda for this weekend: this movie and this one. I can't wait!

~We turned in our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child last night. I always wish we could do 763 shoeboxes...but 2 is our limit. Shopping for the items with CJ is such a treat. It's amazing to think that for under $50, we can fill and mail 2 shoeboxes that will touch the lives of 2 very needy and appreciative children.

~CJ was so excited to see the Samaritan's Purse Christmas Catalog in our mailbox last week! For less than $15, she's providing a week of milk for one child, a Jesus Loves Me lamb for another, and Bible story books for 25 others.

~God is teaching me more and more about trust. Leaning on Him for the book fast...not a problem. Leaning on Him in some bigger areas of life...not so easy. I think 2009 may have to be the Year of Trust and Obedience!

~As the Year of Peace and Simplicity winds down, I am still astounded by what God's done. The pursuit isn't over, and probably won't be this side of Heaven. In some ways, I haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped. In others, I never dreamed I'd get this far. I'll be sure to post a year-end recap with more details.

~I took Monday off, so R and I spent the day finishing the initial attic purge. There is still much to deliver to consignment and the ministry store. I will have that done by mid-December. I started organizing everything into areas. The big project will be weeding through the paperwork, pictures, and drawings, etc. that CJ's brought home. I'll probably find I can get rid of more things along the way, so I kept several empty boxes for just that purpose.

~Finally, if you're like me, memorizing the Word hasn't been a priority. It should be. My friend Joanne at The Simple Wife has announced this

No more excuses! I'm going to do this. Wanna' join me? Click on the button to find out more.


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

You're going to love the Kitt movie. Love, love, love it!

And I'm so glad you're joining in on the memory thing. Today at the kids' chapel at school, the speaker kept talking about "reading and memorizing" the Word. Every time he mentioned the Bible, he mentioned memorizing.

Coincidence? I think not!

Have a lovely night. My pjs are calling...


Jill said...

Good catching up with you. The trees are so beautiful here right now, their peak. We have three flaming red Japanese maples in our yard and they are just stunning. Have a great weekend.

Heather C said...

I'm rejoicing with you over the girls' salvation! Very cool!

I'm gonna jump on the memory train as well. Can't wait to get started!

We're using memory verses as a way for my son to practice his penmanship, so maybe I'll memorize along with him... :)

God bless!