May 8, 2009

Dear Mom & a Giveaway

Every mom knows how communicating with a teenage girl can be difficult, even impossible at times. One-word answers. Defensive conversations. Daily arguments. How typical for teens to put up such barriers. All the while, moms truly long to know what their daughters really think.

Best-selling author Melody Carlson, whose books for women, teens, and children have sold more than three million copies, bridges this chasm with trusted insight. She speaks frankly in the voice of the teen daughters she’s written for and she tells it like it is: struggles with identity, guys, friendship, and even parents—it’s all here. The straight-talk to moms covers such things as “I need you, but you can’t make me admit it,” “I’m not as confident as I appear,” and “I have friends. I need a mother.”

Instead of focusing on outward behaviors, Dear Mom looks at a young woman’s heart and reveals to moms:

· how to talk to teens so they hear,

· how to connect despite the differences of perspective or years and experiences,

· and how strengthen the bond every mom and daughter ultimately wants.

The lively chapters in Dear Mom can be dipped into topically or used as a read-through tool by moms and daughters alike to understand what motivates or deflates, troubles or inspires—and just in time for Mother’s Day and all the Mother’s Days ahead.

You can purchase the book here. Thanks to the kind folks at WaterBrook Press, I have a copy to giveaway. If you'd like to win (U.S. Residents only), leave me a comment sharing your favorite "mom" memory (either your own mother, or yourself). I'll close comments on Tuesday, and draw a winner on Wednesday.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


care-in said...

We don't have a teen, we have a five year old going on 13! I can't wait *enter sarcastic tone*.

As far as my favorite mom memory...I once wrote my mom a letter telling her how much I wanted a "chest" like hers. How random...I'm not sure what made me think that but I'm pretty sure she still has that letter.

His Girl said...

Can't even compete with Care-in's story. That is awesome!

My favorite mom memory seems to change day to day, currently, it's yesterday, when the girls asked me to watch HSM3 with them. I said yes and they started cheering, ran downstairs, made popcorn, then ran and got in bed with me. All three of us just sat and giggled together.

It's the little moments, huh?