May 5, 2009

Seeking Him Together: Introduction

It's finally here! Time for the Seeking Him Together Introduction. Hopefully Amber and I aren't making this too difficult by splitting the duties this week. We really don't want this study to be a burden, but rather a huge, God-sized blessing.

Here's how we'll work for the intro:

~Write your own blog post telling us why you've chosen to join us. We're so glad you are, and we'd love to know how the Lord drew you to this study.

~Go to Amber's and link your post. If you're not a blogger, you can leave a comment on Amber's post or the Facebook group (see below).

~Start Week 1 of the study.

Easy, peasy!

Come back here on Monday, May 11th for Week 1 discussion questions. Then on Tuesday, May 12th, we'll meet here to link our responses. For the most part, Amber and I will alternate hosting the discussion (we'll make sure we remind you).

Remember there's a Facebook group. If you're on Facebook and not a member of the group, click on the link and request membership. We've kept the group closed for privacy. When you request membership, please send a message to tell us what your "blog handle" is so we know who you are. You do not have to participate in the Facebook group AND blog. You can do either or both, whatever you're comfortable with. We simply ask that you be an active participant, however you choose to participate. I can tell you from personal experience, accountability is a great thing! We are among sisters in Christ, so don't be afraid to speak up.

My prayer for this group is that the Holy Spirit will use our time together to spark revival, literally from coast to coast.

Now, shoo! Get on over to Amber's and tell us about yourself!


2Thinks said...

I'd really like to do this, but I am slow- a brand new blogger. Is there a book? Where do I order it? Okay, I'll go back and re-read to see what I missed.

2Thinks said...

Okay, I got the button on my page, now about that linking my intro post about why I want to be in the Bible study to Amber's.

Anybody good at giving verbal directions that might form a picture in my brain, so I can do this?