November 13, 2009

If You Came to My House Today

Kellie @ La Vida Dulce is hosting a carnival, and I thought I'd join the fun. So, here goes:

If you came to my house today...

...well, you'd have to come after 2:00 to catch me home. Then you'd find seen me on one sofa trying to snooze away my headache while CJ curls up on the other and watches Food Network. Alas, R is already at work!

The house is in decent shape, because I worked like crazy last night to put things back in order. Well, as much order as you can have when you still don't have a master bathroom and closet. (Yes, it's been 4 1/2 months!) But, I'm a firm believer that a Cinnamon Chai Woodwick Candle and a little Bing Crosby cover a multitude of sins.

I'd put the kettle on for tea (Madagascar Vanilla Red is my current fave) and we'd sit back and enjoy each other's company. I'd share how God answered our first prayer today, in a way only He could. I'd ask what good book you've been reading, and share the four that I'm in the middle of (see my sidebar).

CJ would ask you to play cards or finish the puzzle we started. We'd spend the rest of our time together enjoying my girl's infectious giggles, and planning your next visit.

Sadly, it's time for you to go. But I'm so glad you stopped by! Come again soon!


Gretchen said...

Candles and Bing DO cover a multitude of sins. And so do friends who don't care about the house as long as they can chat over a nice cuppa.

Jill said...

Sounds heavenly! I'd love to come.

His Girl said...

Another way we're sisters. Woodwick? FANTASTIC BEAUTIFUL MIRACLES! And chai- well, you already know that's my love language.

so thrilled about your answered prayer! xoxo

Unknown said...

So glad I didn't get hear before 2:00! Wouldn't dream of missing a little MVR tea with Crosby and candlelight, and you and CJ.

I enjoted my visit, but what I really loved hearing is how God is working in your life and His God's answer to prayer. He is good, all the time, isn't He!?!

Next time, I'll bring The Girl (my daughter) and a couple good old movies, and we paint our toes or something!

Thank for playing!

really.truly said...

I would love to join you for that delicious tea and awesome conversation....Bing playing in the background would be a bonus :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Well I had a fabulous visit and I don't even drink tea!

Looking forward to our next visit :)

Jenilee said...

the tea and candle sound wonderfully relaxing! :) just found your blog tonight!

Sandy said...

I love your sharing about the Gift of Order! That is an area that the Lord has been convicting me about, but I didn't even think about it in prayer.
And I'd love to sip some tea with you & chat about the way God is working in our lives!