December 21, 2009

Christmas Game - Final Thoughts

I'm taking a computer break this week. Between being sick with a horrible cold and wanting to focus on preparing my heart, I decided to make today's question the last.

This season has been different for us. R says he's more in the Christmas spirit than he's been in years.  We haven't bought many presents or gone many places. What we have done has been unhurried and enjoyable.  We've been more intentional, focusing more on THE GIFT instead of the customary holiday obligations. (And there are no credit card bills coming in January!) As my friend Meredith put it, Christmas feels more spacious. For once, Christmas feels more like a season than an exercise in spinning my wheels to get ready for one day that's over much too quickly.

It may just be the best Christmas ever.

What's most special about this Christmas for you?


jenmom said...

Our family has done less and enjoyed more this year! This will be the first year in forever that I can remember that we won't be home with extended family at Christmas or New Years. Although I've been a little sad about this, I am actually beginning looking forward to having Cecily home from school for two weeks, the husband on vacation from work and no hurried packing to drive 16 hours!!
Just a simple and unhurried time with my little family reflecting on one amazing year!

2cats said...

This is the first year that my son will not be home on Christmas Day. He lives quite close but has a new (step) family and asked if they could come here after the New Year. I agreed (this year). So when he does come home with his family it will be very different because of the kids.