February 17, 2010

Sometimes I Wish

~I actually knew what I think I know.

~My house was completely in order. Not spic and span...just more organized. I keep getting sooo close.

~I would more readily remember what it feels like to be a 6th grade girl.

~God would give me instructions that are as detailed as those He gave Moses for the building of the tabernacle.

~I could read R's mind (I said sometimes, right?)

~I was more loving.

~I was more lovable.

~I was more forgiving.

~I was less high maintenance.

~I could have a long talk to my Grandaddy. I've been missing him a lot lately.

~I was more disciplined.

~I could stop saying I so much!

~Jane Austen had written a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. I wonder how she envisioned Lizzy & Darcy's life together.

~Life was more like Little House on the Prairie

~The Huxtables were still around.

~Chocolate was one of the four food groups.

What do you wish?


jenmom said...

I so resonate with the "I would more readily remember what it feels like to be a 6th grade girl" one!!!
My Cecily is going through so much right now and I wish I was more patient with her.
And I also wish my family could get rid of this sick bug that has decided to take up residence in our home!!!

Carrie said...

I wish for so many of the things that are on your list! =D Esp. that one about the chocolate. I just pretend that it is and that might be one of my problems.

2cats said...

I always thought chocolate was a food group. Milk? Yep. Bean (cocoa)? Yep. See 2 food groups are covered.

Lisa writes... said...

I wish for much of the same!