April 30, 2010


CJ: I love my Daddy.

Me: I know. I love your Daddy, too.

CJ: I love him more.

Me: No, I do. And I've loved him longer.

CJ: My Daddy loves me.

Me: Your Daddy loves me, too.

CJ: Well, he loves God more than both of us.

She's right. He does.

Lord, today I thank You for the gift of my husband. For the way he loves You, and his girls. For his commitment to work in a job he has disliked for so long to provide for us. For the opportunities the coming months are bringing, to use his talents to serve others and bless our family. I see his excitement. I sense his nervousness. Thank You, God, for growing him during this transition. Thank You for considering me worthy of such a beautiful, fine, godly man.