August 13, 2010

A List of Links

My blog has been pretty quiet lately. Not much to say, really.

But here are some people who've had really really good things to say:

~My friend Lisa has so many wonderful thoughts that it's hard to link to just one post. But I strongly recommend this one (and the comments).  Then do yourself a favor and become a regular reader of Lisa Writes.

~Kevin DeYoung has some great advice for Christians in the wake of the latest Proposition 8 news.

~This post of Amber's (and the comments) is a must read. Seriously.

And some people have had some really great things to eat:

~Green Beans with Balsamic Browned Butter

~Spinach and Artichoke Hummus

~Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle & Cilantro Mayo

I'm dying to try all three of them!

For those looking for some good reading material that's not on a computer screen:

~The girls at Offering Hospitality have asked me to join in a group discussion on Women's Ministry in the Local Church. We'll be starting in September. You can learn more here (and even try to win a copy!)

~I just finished reading Laura Bush's memoir, Spoken from the Heart.  It was not a quick or easy read, but it is very informative. I developed a new found respect for President Bush and Mrs. Bush.

~I'm in the middle of Raising Girls, at the recommendation of a good friend who has a girl not much older than CJ. So far, it's eye-opening and encouraging.

~I'm also reading another book that does not fall into the category of good reading. AT. ALL.  (However, you should read Albert Mohler's review) I won't name it, because I don't want anyone to do an internet search for the title and land here. I said I'd never read it, and I still can't believe I am. But when a family member recently told me that it's the best thing she's ever read, I knew I would have to read it before we could have an intelligent conversation about it. On the positive side, it's already sparked some great discussion with R, and caused me to make sure I am grounded in the Word.

Happy Reading!