October 1, 2010

Around the House: October

I am: 

~Wishing that cooler weather would arrive already! I have an aversion to temps above the 60s in Autumn. I'm ready to put out my fall decorations and start cozying up with hot tea and flannel sheets.

~Enjoying pumpkin spice creamer in my morning java.  Yum!

~Dreading the seasonal clothes swap that comes with the falling temperatures, but it is the only thing I dislike about Autumn!

~Giving serious prayerful consideration to what next year's theme will be. I think I know the answer.

~Looking forward to being at the beach by nightfall. Our family needs this respite, even though R will be studying for midterms and CJ will be hanging out with her cousin who's accompanying us.  I plan to whittle away at the stack of books I'm in the middle of so I can concentrate on Surprised by Grace: God's Relentless Pursuit of Rebels, which we're blogging through at Southern Baptist Girl.

~Thankful for the prayers of faithful friends

~Thankful for the grace of a loving Father.

Happy October, friends.