November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving - Day 18

How long has it been since God arrived in my mailbox? I've had good intentions to reach out and let Jennifer know she is loved. I've let the multitude of ordinary tasks crowd out the chance to do something extraordinary.

And then He showed up in my mailbox again.  Jennifer, reaching out to thank her correspondent.  The girl with so much less than I, giving me the gift of life.  She writes of her family and friends, her hobbies.  She draws a picture of three hearts.  I see mine, hers, and His.  There, in the middle of her words I find the Word, encouragement especially for me.

My heart breaks.  I have not been faithful.  And in that moment, I want to pack my bags and fly to South America and find this precious girl who knows little of abundance but gave anyway.  I want to throw her a lifeline, even though I am the one being rescued.

Today I am thankful for this child who has looked beyond her circumstances and offered love, hope and grace to a wretch like me.

And I pick up my pen to write.

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Lisa notes... said...

Isn't it amazing to receive gifts from someone that we perceive has less than we do? It's how God often works. It always moves my heart. Thanks for choosing to share this story.

I got my "breath" picture hung on my wall the day we were e-mailing. :-) It feels so good to have that daily reminder now!