November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving - Day 4

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. - Proverbs 17:17, ESV

I've discovered many things this past year.  One of the greatest has been my need for true friends.

Those who love with a hand-dirtying, death-defying, self-sacrificing love that is only possible because the nourishment of the True Vine courses through their veins.

Those whose knees are bloody from the battlefield of prayer, who've stood fast in the gap when I can't find my own voice.  My Father has not ignored their constant, earnest pleas on  my behalf.

Those who have faithfully and patiently sharpened me with the Word.  I am prone to follow my own course, and they gently bring me back to the Way, the Truth, the Life.

Near and far, these are the friends I cherish.  They are more precious than silver or gold.  Today, and every day, I thank God for each one of them.

*Continuing a November of thanksgiving at Rebecca's & Leah's.


Lisa notes... said...

Amen. I can't imagine how much weaker my faith would be without the friends in my life who have kept me stronger. Great thanksgiving post!

Carrie said...

AMEN to that!!

jenmom said...

Friends are truly a gift and I consider you one of my "far" friends. Even though we have never met in person, I feel a kindred spirit where you are concerned!
Blessings on you and your family today!!

Leah in Iowa said...

Those kinds of friends are a treasure, to be sure!!

Leslie said...

They're a treasure hard to find.

Trisha said...

Visiting you from Rebecca's blog. How blessed you are to have such true friends, such faithful companions. Not just any friends...faithful, stick-with-you-through-whatever friends. Wonderful!