December 20, 2010

The Advent Altar - Part IV

(Read why we have an Advent altar here. This is the final post in a series on how we put our altar together. You can also read Part I, Part II, & Part III.)

The Family completes our Advent Altar. Joseph, man of honor and strength, who agreed to raise a child not of his flesh. Mary, girl of faith and deep thoughts, who subjected her reputation and her life to God's plan. And Jesus, the baby who created the couple who would raise him from infancy. God bound by flesh and time. A miracle our human minds will never fully understand.

The other nativities around our home are complete with shepherds and wisemen, stable animals and angels. This one alone is the family of three, sitting quietly on the altar where our family of three gathers each evening to prepare our hearts for the Coming One.

May you be filled with Hope this Christmas, as you prepare for His coming.

Because of Jesus,


Lisa notes... said...

Thanks for this Advent Altar series. I have been blessed by it...

Melissa Campbell said...

I have a real sense of the Holy Spirit preparing us this year for a greater measure of knowing God. We are carriers of His glory! Blessing to you and your family at Christmas and in the new year!

Bonnie Gray said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for sharing these pictures from your Advent altar. It's wonderful to see how Christmas has come near to you & your family this week.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoying the after glow today. ;)

Thanks for adding yourself to the jam.. blesses me to know you through your words!