December 30, 2010

His Flame Still Burns Bright

The Advent altar has been disassembled. Four candles burned to nubs, thrown away. Yet the bright white one still stands tall. I couldn't bear to put it in storage. It deserves new life, as the One it represents has given us.

I pull out a white linen cloth once handed down from my husband's grandmother. I reminisce about the strong foundation she laid for my man, and how she loved the Gospel of Luke. The white cake stand has been turned upside down, and I can't help but think of how His life has turned my own topsy-turvy.  I scrounge to find white candles left over from last year's Advent wreath, placing them in silver candlesticks gifted to us on the day we began our new life together.  I steal the votives from the nativities set up around the house. No one waits in the manger, for the Child has already come.

The tableaux is complete.

In these quiet winter evenings, His light will burn bright as we gather for dinner and feast on the Word. As we read through the Gospels until Easter, we will light the candle representing His life. We will remember how we anticipated His birth as we wonder at His life. Then we will fix our gaze toward Calvary, to be humbled all over again at His death and to marvel anew at His resurrection.

Yes, Christmas Day is done, but the Christmas Child still reigns.

(*Still Unwrapping Jesus @ Faith Barista)


jenmom said...

That centerpiece is absolutely beautiful! What an amazing idea and way to continue use of the Christ candle from your advent wreath! I love it and it inspires me as I get ready to put away Christmas things to know that CHRISTmas spirit never has to be put away!!

Alana said...

Beautiful! Love how you re"purposed" it!

Lisa notes... said...

The Christmas Child still reigns. Yes! Love the way your shine your light for Him, Melissa.

Jill said...

Happy New Year. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship and your words. Big Hugs!