April 1, 2011

Around the House: April

My soul lifts at the turning of the calendar. For once, I am happy to leave March behind. I stare at the field of wildflowers that bloom above the blocks named April. The spacious place is inviting. I realize just how weary I've been. How weary I am of being weary.

The empty blocks beg to be filled.  I hold strong to ignore their plea, promising myself that only good things will find their way to these spaces.

An annual girls' weekend at the beach with my dearest friend.

Various Easter services.

Spring Break.

A night out with close friends.

Four weeks from today, R's semester will be finished. We'll be 2/3rds of the way through our journey toward a new life. I marvel at how time has flown and how the One who made time has stood Faithful and True.

I want to take advantage these first days of Spring. To simplify and rejuvenate. To restore my soul.

The days still may be quiet around here.  I have a few posts brewing in my head and hope to get them out soon.  In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with something I've been pondering these past few weeks.

Follow someone who follows Christ; follow a pilgrim who insists that you live up to what you have already attained, and then press for more. ~D.A. Carson


Carrie said...

I'm THRILLED to say goodbye to March and HELLLOOOOOO to April! =D

Can you believe you guys are already 2/3 of the way through your school journey!? Much progress!

Yes, DO enjoy the Spring, my friend! (And the weekend which is before us.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!

I'm so glad you visited my blog today and introduced yourself. What a joy it is to find your blog - I'm finding so many sisters scattered around God's good earth who proclaim His amazing love.

I love the DA Carson quote!! And I too am rejoicing that Spring is here! :)

God bless you today!

Trisha said...

Encouraging quote from Carson, Melissa. What wonderful plans you have ahead of you. May your heart be encouraged today by His goodness and faithfulness.

Jill said...

I have to admit I was so happy to flip over the March page in my calendar today, too. It's been a long winter and early spring. Here's to warmer, sunny days dear friend!

Lisa Spence said...

2/3? That's the downhill stretch! May you both finish strong! The Lord is faithful!

May you enjoy the good things that mark April! The girls' weekend sounds like a blast! And Easter--He is risen, glory to God!