September 14, 2011

This Man

This man receives sinners. - Luke 15:2

Observe the condescension of this fact. Jesus, holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners, who towers above all other men - this Man receives sinners.  This Man, who is no other than the eternal God, before whom angels veil their faces - this Man receives sinners.  It requires an angel's tongue to describe such a mighty stoop of love. That any of us would be willing to reach the lost is nothing wonderful - they are, after all, our own race; but that He, the offended God, against whom the transgression has been committed, should take upon Himself the form of a servant and bear the sin of many and be willing to receive the worst of sinners - this is marvelous.

-Charles Spurgeon
(Evening, September 13th)

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Asia said...

Love Charles Spurgeon!