January 17, 2012

Around the House: January

I retrieved the package from the doorstep, glancing at the return address. My man wasn't home, but I couldn't wait. I eagerly tore the heavy cardboard, my heart thumping wildly within my chest. And there it was, the last 18 months of our lives enveloped in a regal navy cover with silvery words sprawling.  I opened it carefully so as not to disturb the beauty of this moment, almost sacred.

The small ceremony and the surprise celebration had heralded its coming. But staring at his name in majestic calligraphy, the finality struck somewhere deep.

My man did this.

We did this.

God did this.

This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. ~Psalm 118:23 


In these first days of a new year - a new life - I am:

~enjoying evenings unencumbered by a college student's papers and projects

~committing to two social-media-free days per week. My soul needs space to breathe, to watch

~listening to the poetry of Gilead: A Novel as I drive by empty fields under a canopy of grey sky

~captivated by Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey

~growing accustomed to having a daughter taller than I and a man who leaves home each morning headed to work.  I praise the Lord for both.

~wondering how best to revamp our garden in the spring

~savoring the fruits of the summer's labor and finding it hard to suppress a smile every time I open a jar of tomato sauce, green beans, or apple sauce

~planning a week at home to, once again, purge my home of things and find more room to breathe

And, of course, continuing to watch...


Leah said...

My heartiest congratulations to your husband on completing his education! What an accomplishment for all of you, as I know it was truly a group effort. May He continue to bless you abundantly for your obedience and continued faithfulness!!

How fun to have your evenings be yours again. I'm sure you are enjoying that immensely!

I've not heard of Gilead - but I'll check it out, as we seem to have similar tastes in reading.

Oh - lovelovelove Downton Abbey!!

Both of my daughters are taller than me. It stinks. Haha!

I've never been into gardening, as heat, humidity and bugs are involved. But I'd be happy to take care of whatever produce anyone in my family would like to grow. :) I imagine it gives you great joy to provide for your family in this way!

Leslie said...

Beautiful words, Melissa. I read Gilead, but I'd bet it's a pleasure to listen to it. Congratulations and praise the Lord!

Lisa Spence said...


I loved Gilead the book and I too am captivated by Downton Abbey. But you're not surprised on either count, are you? :)