April 2, 2012

How to Fold A Fitted Sheet

Stepping away from the usual fare of this blog in an effort to help my friend Becky learn to fold a fitted sheet.

1.  Turn the sheet inside out.
2.  Holding it lengthwise, put your hands into the "pockets" (corners)
3.  Bring the pockets together, so that the seam points touch and "flip" one side onto the other (at this point, you'll have the sheet on one hand & it will no longer be inside out)
4.  Pick up the bottom pockets with your free hand, and tuck them together.
5.  Holding the sheet lengthwise again (you should have 2 pockets in your hands, and the flat edge of the sheet along the bottom), fold those two pockets together.  This leaves you with only 1 rounded corner.
6.  Lay the sheet on a flat surface and pull the long side with the rounded corner toward the other side.  Repeat with the short side with the rounded corner, until you have four straight sides.  Then fold as you would a flat sheet.

Becky wanted me to post a video, but my technology savvy only goes so far.  However, I did find this video of a MAN folding a fitted sheet, almost exactly as I do it (although I find it easier to stand instead of using a flat surface, until Step # 6)  Hopefully this will help!


Becky said...


I am so happy to see this! And, hey, if a man can do this... :)

Love you! <3

Persis said...

I use this method, and my sheets still look lumpy. :( Maybe I should try the flat surface.

Lisa writes... said...

That's the way my mama taught me! :) Though I have to say I have too few sheets to fold very many; most go straight from the dryer back on the bed.

bekahcubed said...

I learned this technique when I was a maid at a fancy hotel and subbed in the laundry room (let me tell you, that is HOT work!)

I still don't end up with the prettiest of sheets, but I make that up by sandwiching my fitted sheet (which is passably nice) between the last fold of my flat sheet.

Can't visualize that? I'm not sure I explained it very well, so I'll try a diagram

flat sheet
u fitted
r sheet
v hidden
flat sheet

And, of course, I stack my sheets in the linen closet folded side out so no raw edges are showing. Alternately, you can do your last fold in thirds so there's even less raw edge to show.

Teresa said...

Thank you for this Melissa, but alas like Persis mine still look yucky. That and the fact that no matter how I fold them they end up with cat hair on them anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

This was great! Thanks. haha!