June 27, 2006

13 Reasons why Life is Good...

I saw on Sarah's blog that she's into lists (I believe it's the Thursday Thirteen). She's inspired me, so I'm jumping in(even though it's only Tuesday!)

On a trip to Boston last September (BTW, I absolutely love Boston!), R. & I went to the Life is Good store. Don't know if you're familiar with Life is Good, but they've got the cutest
t-shirts. I've posted two of my favorites (which I actually do own).

Here goes - "13 reasons why Life is Good" (in no particular order after #4...I mean, #3!)

1. JESUS! He took all my filthy robes of sin and gave me a brand new sparkling white gown! Need I say more?

2. My handsome, sweet, sexy & talented husband, R. He love me unconditionally, supports me without wavering, gives great hugs, always makes me laugh, is a great dad, and looks really cute in shorts! To top it all off, he makes the best breakfasts EVER!

3. My precious daughter, CJ. She's just like her dad, and I love her so much! At 7 1/2, she cares more about people than I ever have. God has given her a sweet, compassionate spirit. She loves to help. She practically has her own fan club at church. She cracks me up, puts life in perspective, and even puts me in my place now and then. (I only mind it when she's right)

4. Coffee (you probably guessed that from the t-shirt picture)

5. Coffee ice cream.

6. Reese's peanut butter cups.

7. The Food Network.. I'm learning to be a better cook by just WATCHING Paula, Giada, Rachael, Bobby & Tyler (at least I keep telling myself that, especially while I'm buying yet another one of their cookbooks!)

8. Mint oreo blizzards. If you don't have a Dairy Queen near you, you're really missing out!

Lest you think I'm all about food...

9. Good books. It doesn't get much better than lounging in my recliner with a great read!

10. Great friends. God has placed some of the most amazing people in my life. I have a circle I can laugh with, cry with, pray with, and just have fun with. What else do you need?

11. Snow. We have mild winters here in my corner of the world, so I rarely get to see a good snow. But I love those rare days when I get to watch God blanket the world in white.

12. R.'s getting ready to finish my Mother's Day/Anniversary present...a screened-in back porch! I can grab a cup of coffee, look out over the field behind our house, spend time with God or just enjoy the quiet.

13. Autumn. My favorite season of all. I love bonfires and football, crisp breezes and harvest moons. All the colors remind me that God is not only our Creator, but He's also very creative! Just another reason to love Him so...but that's another list!

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Camy Tang said...

I like your blog setup! Very soothing. I love the Food Network, too! My husband and I watch Good Eats all the time! I also love Rachael Ray's shows.