July 7, 2006

Getting REAL

I've been blogging for 2 weeks now. I'm having such a great time...getting to know great people like Boomama, Bev, Addie, Sarah, Kelli, Rebekah, Amanda and Shannon (who made me a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY BANNER...which was so sweet!). It's been a present from Jesus to find ladies all across the country who I have so much in common with. I told someone in a post today, if I never meet any of these ladies here, I'm definitely looking them up in Heaven!

This morning, God spoke to my heart about this whole blogging adventure. I've been guilty of trying to impress anyone who would read my blog. I SO want to be as funny as Boomama, as soulful as Sarah, and as wise as Bev. But, the truth is, I'm just not. I wish I could type something so clever that people would spew Diet Coke (isn't that the drink of choice in the blogosphere?) over their screens. That they would laugh uncontrollably & anxiously wait to see what I would come up with next. I wish I had a friend like Lisa Whelchel who would think I was Godly enough to link me to her website so that thousands of people would tune into my blog. I wish I could be kind-hearted and encouraging. I wish, I wish, I wish.

But God has reminded me that I AM fearfully & wonderfully made. It's okay to be exactly who I am, and not worry about impressing anyone. My worth is found in Him... & Him alone. He created me exactly how He planned. My job is to find out what He wants to do with me.

So, fellow bloggers...I'm apologizing. Not for who I am (or who I'm not), but for envying some of you. For being jealous of your blogging popularity. For maybe pretending, just a little bit, to be someone different. It's easy to put on a blogging mask & create the person I WANT to be. Then I remember, it's about who HE WANTS me to be.

Night, all.


BooMama said...

You know what? I know exactly what you mean - I actually wrote a post about this very thing sometime way back when. I had a blog before my current one, and I tried to incorportate some sort of "message" into every post. It's what other people do day in and day out with wonderful, inspiring results - but it was SOOOOO not me. I ended up deleting the whole thing. So just be you...that'll always be enough. :-)

Michelle said...

I just added you to my "Favorites" on my internet toolbar because this is JUST LIKE ME! I get all caught up in the popularity contest, then have to remember I am SO AVERAGE, not extra witty, not extra deep, not extra eloquent, so I have to get back to why I blog - so that I dont' have to keep baby memories books and I can visit and keep friends without leaving the house or packing up the kids, the baby bags etc. And yes, I just do escape now and again though other ladies blogs.