July 7, 2006


Alright, blogging world...it's time for FANTABULOUS FRIDAY! Time to give praise to our Father for one FANTABULOUS person/place or thing that has impacted your life this week. Now, if I were as techno-savvy as Boomama or Shannon, I'd get a header going on this. BUT. I'M. NOT. So, I'm leaving that to someone else, if this thing takes off. And I hope it does, really...because we should be giving praise to our Lord. I don't know about you, but I think I'd run and hide under my bed if I heard some rocks start crying out (flashback to every time the trees started talking in "The Wizard of Oz"...but that's another story!).

So, without further adieu...

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that CJ & I were able to spend a day at the beach with friends! Even though I'm as fair-skinned as they come and would rather have been at the mountains (read # 6 on this Thursday 13), it was wonderful to CJ have such a great time playing in the waves. I always have a blast watching her enjoy herself. And boy, did she ever! And it was peaceful to sit under the umbrella and just listen to the ocean...a reminder of God's great power. Still, I'm ready for snow :-)

Okay...I'm ready to hear what the rest of you have to say. Leave me a comment with your blog page so I can hop over to read it!


Addie said...

What a Great thing to be thankful for! It's the little simple moments that we find SO MUCH to be thankful for.

sobeit said...

Hey, that sounds like a great day spent with someone special!


boomama said...

What a sweet memory - the simple things really are the best. And I'm really not techno-savvy - I'm just stubborn and OCD, which means I will not allow the computer to win. Ever. :-)

Angel said...

Man, I thought I had the patent on FANTABULOUS! That is a word I have used for years now... thought I was unique! LOL!!

I like this idea:)