July 6, 2006

As a matter of fact, she is...

As I read different posts from everyone & see how many of you have lots of kids (some of you, LOTS of kids!), I'm compelled to answer the question that you MAY be asking or maybe you're not asking at all & I just THINK you are. Because in my "real" life, people still ask this question. YES...CJ's an only child.

We didn't plan to have an only child. God made that decision. After struggling to get pregnant, we had a miscarriage. Finally, after much physical & spiritual healing, we were able to get pregnant again. During my 5th month of pregnancy, my appendix ruptured. Of course, the doctors couldn't x-ray because of the pregnancy...but I'm convinced that an x-ray would've shown the hand of God protecting CJ inside my womb. Despite the odds, she arrived safely and perfectly healthy. She's been the joy of my life & the apple of R's eye ever since.

When CJ was 2, my health problems began. Long story short (and to spare you all the gory details), we can't have any more children. And we're fine with that. When it was all said and done, my doctor was amazed that we even had CJ. I wasn't. We've never doubted that God wants CJ here, and He has a plan for her life.

I'll be honest...there are days I wish CJ had a sibling, because I've loved having a brother and sister ~ most of the time. It would be nice to have more little feet running around. I think it was Bill Cosby who said that people with one child don't qualify as parents because they miss out on so much strife. I know he was joking, but sometimes I can't help but feel that people agree with him & that they judge us for having only CJ. And that's not fair. They just don't know. Still, it hurts.

I envy those of you who have more kids to love. But, I see how blessed I am to have only one child sometimes. Only one car to buy, one college tuition, and one wedding to pay for. No arguing over the back seat. No "He's hitting me!". Three is a good number for our family. It suits us. As always, God knew what He was doing!

Thanks for listening.


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for coming to visit my site. Looking at your profile looks like we might be sisters separated at birth! Nichole Nordmahn, Max Lucado, I knew I'd forget once I went to this spot but there were so many similarities.

Bill Cosby is funny, but he's not always right. I've always told my kids - the easy part is having a child, the part of keeping them - thats what makes you a parent, and it only takes one to do it. Parenting is hard, no matter whether its 8 or 1. Kids take all of whatever you have, your time, your money, your energy, your heart. She is no doubt blessed that God picked your family to send her to. And you are blessed just in knowing how precious a gift she is to you and your husband. Ignore anybody who would be quick to judge you. God knows your heart, and that's enough. xoxoxo

Melissa said...


I just read your profile...and you're so right! We MUST be related! I've also determined that I'm related to Addie & Boomama! Isn't it so cool to find Christian women throughout the country (world) we can bond with? I love that!

Thanks so much for your kind words, and for stopping by my blog. I hope to finish Chapter 4 of Captivating this weekend.

Tammy said...

Hi Melissa...
I was an only child (well, my dad had two much older daughters from a previous marriage, but I was still raised an only). I married a guy who was one of 12!
Anyway...I have two little girls (which I had rather later in life) but I will tell you...I personally think sometimes that raising one can be harder in its own way than raising more! My girls (ages 4 and 7) play together a lot...which leaves me time to either do housework or have a brief little Mommy time. Anytime I'm in charge of just one of them it's more challenging, I've found!

Still, you are so blessed to have a wonderful little girl that you can be a mommy to!
God bless...

Addie said...

What a blessing your little Celia is! (Plus she's just as cute as a button!)

I love hearing your story, and I think your family is just perfect the way God designed it to be! :-)

Shannon said...

Good for you. God has such a specific design for our families, and who are we to question that??