July 5, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday- Chore Chart

Actually, I owe this bright idea to my sister. But, since she used to steal lots of my stuff without asking, I decided to return the favor!

We've always struggled with getting CJ (age 7 1/2) to do her chores each week. Now, we have a DAILY chore chart that stays on the fridge. Each day, she's responsible for things such as making bed, emptying back pack, and checking living room (which means getting all of her stuff out). Then, she has one "big" chore 4 days a week (cleaning room, emptying trash cans, etc.).

CJ likes checking her chart each day when she gets home. By breaking it into small increments, she realizes that it's easier to get things done. So far, it's been wonderful.


Pam said...

Great parenting.


Overwhelmed! said...

Sounds like a great idea! At what age did you have your daughter start doing assigned cores? My son is 18 months and I have him help pick up his toys but that's about it.

I posted my first WFMW. Stop by and take a peek. :)

Melissa said...


We didn't assign chores for a long time. She would pick up her toys, and do small things like helping me when I was cooking or cleaning (fortunately, she loves to help), but we didn't make her contribute to the "household" chores until 2nd grade.

Love your WFMW on hot chocolate!