January 24, 2008

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Wow, has it been a whole week since I've posted anything?! I've had lots of good thoughts and intentions, but no time. Getting R ready for his trip, helping CJ study for countless tests this week, and trying to get ready to leave the office for a week...I'm tired just thinking about it!

R leaves for Mississippi early tomorrow. CJ's been a bundle of emotions and tears. She's such a Daddy's Girl! Tonight she prayed that people would come to know Jesus because of this trip. I nearly started crying myself. We're so very proud of him, and his willingness to serve the Lord.

I've planned several fun things, even though I'm going to be so busy. I hope I can keep CJ from being absolutely miserable. If you think about it, please shoot up a prayer for us. My man is leading a crew that will be framing a house. Pray that the job will run smoothly, and that no one will be hurt. It's an 18-hour drive each way, so please pray for traveling mercies as well. Lastly, pray that CJ & I will be brave during his absence. You see, he spoils us terribly and we love having him around. He gives CJ a back scratch every night, and I have a feeling I'll be a poor substitute. He gets her to swim practice and dance lessons, which is why I'm taking vacation. I know I can't work full-time and manage my home without him.

I'll try to post in-between my projects next week. I was hoping for before and after pictures, but R took the camera with him. Hopefully, I'll have some more interesting pictures to post!

Thanks for listening, my bloggy friends!


kmom3 said...

I was doing my morning cruise through my bookmarked blogs, and here I am at yours. God has been so good to send women to pray for me when I have needed it most. I will certainly pray for you, CJ, and your husband!
I love how He touches each of us so tenderly. How intimately He knows us and provides for all that we need. I am so glad He will be more than enough for each of you this week!
Love and Blessings,

Kelly said...

Will keep checking for updates:) Praying for your family as you are apart. When my husband went on a mission trip to Kenya last year, we missed him so much!

Tiffany said...

I will be lifting you and your little ones up. By the way, did you get my message on your award over at my blog? Hopefully it will bring a little light into your day! Blessings!

Janelle said...

I hope you and your daughter have an incredible week together. What fun you girls will have.

I also hope the time away from your husband will pass quickly.

Alana said...

I hope it goes well! I think you and CJ will have a great week and your husband will come back changed by his experience I am sure!

Deidre said...

Praying for all of you...

I know it helps my kiddos when my husband is away if I don't act as if I'm lost without him (which I usually am). They feed off of my emotions.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Isn't it great to have a good man, but we sure do feel their absence when they are gone, huh?

Thinking of you this week and hoping you and CJ have some good bonding time.

Heather C said...

Praying for all three of you. God bless your man for seeking God's will in his life, even when it means having to be without the two other loves of his life for a time. Praying you find all kinds of unexpected blessings this week... and that the spiritual rewards of this trip are beyond anything you could have ever hoped or imagined... :)