March 18, 2008

Good Stuff

~Poor sweet Tiffany! I am terribly late responding to an award she graciously bestowed upon me. How rude! I guess I am loathe to respond to awards, because I don't want to give the appearance of bragging. I am humbled that she would consider me worthy of this award. Thank you, dear friend.

~What's nicer than a 3-day weekend? A 4-day weekend! My boss surprised me with Friday AND Monday off! I see spring cleaning in my future. And a ride on this.

~I am blessed to have bloggy friends who hold me accountable, and who help me keep my commitments!

~The Top 11 tonight. I'm loving this season of American Idol.

~I can't even tell you how much I love Down Home with the Neelys!

~This should be in my mailbox when I get home. Robert Redford & Paul Newman together in one still my heart! They just don't make men movies like they used to.

~A quote I can't get off my mind..."Home is the nicest word there is." (Laura Ingalls, in the first episode of "Little House on the Prairie"). CJ got the first season on DVD for Christmas. We've really enjoyed watching it. I loved Laura Ingalls when I was growing up. CJ's started reading "Little House in the Big Woods". I think I may have to snag a copy from the library and read along with her. The show is a great reminder of the rewards to be found in hard work, family, and friendship.

I promise I'm going to get off the "~" posts....sometime.


Alana said...

I kinda like the the "~" posts!

I'm also loving American Idol this season!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,
How fun that you are seizing the days off to do something fun and thrilling...

I have not had a chance to catch up with the Neeley's I will have to tape them because they look so adorable in their ads...

There is nothing like Little House...I have vivid memories of reading Little House in the Big Woods and I believe in the first chapter she is describing breakfast...there must have been some bacon involved because I could smell and almost taste that yummy country breakfast! Ha...I always remember the food!

Your goody is in the mail...I must say I had the most difficult time at the post office yesterday...if you want to know me...I am not one to look for a sign for every daily occurence but I believe that something big is going to happen in reading this book or as a result of you honoring your words before the Lord and others...

So...keep on...keep clinging to Him...He is for you!


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Let's have a spring cleaning party! I need one...

Lisa writes... said...

Hey Chris: I need spring cleaning as well, but with my mess I don't think it'd be much of a party...more like torture!

Melissa: I too like your "~" posts! Also liking American Idol this season; I swore it off the night Chris Daughtry got voted off, but found myself pulled back in this season. Who do you like? I love Brooke, as well as Jason, Carly and the left-handed guitarist/rocker who rocked the Lionel Richie song a couple of weeks ago (David?). I have a left handed wanna-be guitar player, so there you go.

Sorry for the long comment!

His Girl said...

yah, I'm with the crowd that hopes you'll keep doing the bullet point posts!

they just reflect a piece of you which is really fun for we readers ;)