March 17, 2008

Around the House...

~Pondering how to create some kind of weekly cleaning schedule that will fit into my work schedule, rather than depending on doing it all on Saturday (this will be much easier during the summer, when we don't have homework to contend with)

~Enjoying fresh air at softball practice twice a week

~Anxiously awaiting Spring Break!

~Looking forward to dinner at my favorite restaurant this weekend

~Praying for much-needed motivation (in many areas)

~Watching Little House on the Prairie: Season One with CJ

~Deciding on this year's major landscaping project

~Adoring Febreze Lavender Vanilla & Comfort (I spray it in my room just before I go to bed, and have sweet dreams!) and Seventh Generation Lavender Floral & Mint dishwashing liquid (for various household cleaning chores)...can you sense a pattern?

~Starting a new book

~Wishing we'd had one good snow this winter.

Spring is in full bloom. Life is lighter...simpler. And God is good.


Tiffany said...

I love Little House. I don't have it on dvd, but I still love to watch it when I catch it on t.v.- I haven't tried 7th Generation, but I love the brand Method. Their grapefruit scent is my fav. Blessings on your day!

CrownLaidDown said...

Hey Melissa, I am excited about Spring, too!! Soon! It will be so beautiful. I am praying for you--motivation and blessing and favor.
Love in Him,

Janelle said...

Um...your next landscaping project can be at my house. I am in desperate need.

Seriously love that you are watching Little House with your daughter. What a fun idea.

Hope you got that book at the library... How's that for accountability?

His Girl said...

Spring is in full bloom. Life is lighter...simpler. And God is good.

mmm. sounds scrumptious!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

His IS scrumptious!

Janelle...I promise, I got the book at the library!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Love LHOP, Season 1--especially the very first episode! And then in season 2, the Ingalls go camping with the Olesons. Laugh out loud funny!

Spring is coming--or was--and then it snowed again. But it melted quickly.

Happy belated birthday, by the way! I meant to sit down and send you a note all day, but it never happened. Oops.

Alana said...

That sounds like a great book!! You should try bath and body works Lavendar Vanilla products. Love them!!

Lisa writes... said...

Love lavendar as well!

How do you like the Darcy, Gentleman series?