March 14, 2008

Don't Look Back

I think I've caught the itis from Alana. Seriously. I can't think of another time when I was more lackadaisical and lethargic, for an entire week. Blame it on the time change (now I've got a Milli Vanilli song running through my head, and it won't get out!)

It's probably a combination of the time change and R working 3-11 (which thankfully is over now). Typically during that week, I try to just survive. This time, I worked pretty hard during the weekend, and even during the week. Last night, I decided it was perfectly okay to flop on the sofa and watch "Sense and Sensibility" on DVD. I left the clean laundry in the baskets, and the kitchen went untouched. I needed a break.

This morning, CJ and I both left the house in a cranky mood. Poor R was wondering what was wrong with us. CJ's allergies are in overdrive, so she has an excuse. Mine? I've slept in the last two mornings, and missed out on precious time with Jesus. I've had to rush to get out the door on time. It's been reminiscent of life before peace and simplicity.

As I pulled out of the garage, the morning's scene played over in my mind. I realized how far I've come, even though at times S*tan would have me believe otherwise. I've also committed not to go back. Two days in the past has been enough, and I am determined to move beyond my recent failure.

I've said this over and over...simplicity isn't easy, but it's worth the sacrifice!


His Girl said...

simplicity isn't easy, but it's worth the sacrifice!

amen and amen!!!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

me too! I've missed the last two mornings because I have been tired. Thankfully there is next week.

Alana said...

Oh, so sorry! Didn't realize it was contagious! I think spring is going to be a great cure for the itis. At least I hope so!

Susan said...

Hope you have a great birthday, Melissa~

Alyce said...

I tried posting here all day yesterday and it wasn't cooperating.

I sure hope you had a great birthday!!

I'm trying to blog..but I just don't have that creative gene.. I'll give it a try for a little while..but thinking I just don't have time for that!

Have a great day!