March 7, 2008

Learning The Hard Way

I love the trick of learning with acronyms. I still remember the one we used to learn the order of the planets: Mr. Valentine Eats Many Jelly Sandwiches Under Neath the Porch. Although these days scientists would argue that I'd have to stop at Neath (which would make no sense), since apparently Pluto is no longer a planet. And I don't get that. Poor Pluto, it's enjoyed the prestige of being a planet all these years...even had a famous dog named after it...and now scientists have arbitrarily decided it's not worthy of planet status?!

Okay. Back to the point.

Remember I shared one acronym here? Now I have another:

Pray and
Let Go
Every day.

In order to create a simple life, I'm having to make daily sacrifices. Some are easier than others, but I've just encountered a tough spot with my commitment not to buy any books this year.

Leslie is hosting a book club.

She's starting with a book I REALLY want to read. I don't own it, my local library doesn't have it, and neither does my church library. I have a friend who said I could borrow hers. Still, I'd like to highlight and dog-ear my own copy. I've been in a quandry over this one, because I don't want to break my commitment (my friends think I'll never make it). I know I shouldn't break the commitment, even if I want to justify it by telling myself that surely the Lord wants me to be an Excellent Wife and this sacrifice may be a little too much.

But it's not about sacrificing the book. It's about sacrificing my pride and my desires. It's about sacrificing my need to have control in the situation. It's about letting go and trusting Him to provide.

Honestly, I thought I already own this book. I'm still not so sure I didn't purge it at some point. Before even reading it. Which is exactly why I don't need to buy any more books.

If I truly want to have a simple life, I've got to sacrifice. There's no other way. I'm praying, letting go and giving it to God.

This is harder than I thought and I'm not exactly happy about it. But the life I want is worth it. I just know it is.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, I have the book. Would you like to borrow it? I don't think it would count as buying a book if you only had to spend $2 or so to send it back (usually I would just give it to you, but I would like to keep the book for future reference).

Also, I read on the internet last week that a young girl won a contest for making a new acronym for the planets. Pluto was on there, but there were two planets I had never heard of, and one of them was either between us and Mars or Mars and Jupiter. I hadn't even heard about it!

You can let me know about the book!

Mel's World said...

Hey Melissa,

Long time no see old friend...I think I misplaced your link and have been bountifully blessed tonight to stumble over to your blog! Yeah!

I totally hear you and can feel your pain on NOT buying any books. I currently have four 6-shelf bookcases in my office at home and half have been read and the other half are those I "want" to read "next". It is actually quite scary, but since I read like a man woman I have always justified it by the fact that I WILL read them.

What is the book?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a while and I really love your insights and your seeking heart for the really amazed and inspired me at the beginning of the year by announcing your book fast...mostly because I have the same problem...I just removed loads of books from my bedroom to another overflowing bookshelf...I have felt the call as well to fast as well from buying...

I saw you already have another comment related to the Excellent Wife book...I had followed the comments on Leslie's site...I do have this book and started a couple years ago but never finished it...I would like to read the book but I am feeling this is not the time for me...I am reading the Bible cover to cover with a group of bloggers and also doing a Bible study...I want to stay caught what my long drawn out comment is...from a complete stranger...I would love to give you my copy so that you can mark it and use it completely...I do the many ways it would help me to use my books for good and consume the ones that I consider your offers...and if you choose on my blog and leave me a comment or send me an email to I am out of town this weekend but will get back to you asap... are such a sweet blessing to me and so many...thank you!

Helen's really not that late...I live on the West Coast...

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh girl - it is worth it and we know it!!!!!

Simple Family Supper lady said...

I LOVE your SIMPLE acronymn!!!! Do you mind if I post it on my blog?? I will of course give you credit. Let me know. I am going to print it out now and POST it EVERYWHERE!!!!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I am going to read along too! Praise God he provided this book. (I read the post after this one)