August 6, 2008

A New Course?

I don't know if this post will make much sense. My poor brain, relaxed from vacation, has been forced into overdrive by my return to work and Vacation Bible School.

For several days after we returned from vacation, I was in the pit of anger and frustration (totally unrelated to VBS). I have talked whined & complained to God, my husband, my pastor, his wife, and my associate pastor about it...desperately seeking an answer. In my struggle to find where God wants me to serve, I finally accepted my failures and even my limitations. Oh, friends, it's not been pretty around here these past few days!

But God.

R and I have been hashing and re-hashing where we are, where we could go and where we should go from here. I wanted God to get busy and SPELL. IT. OUT. ALREADY.

Monday night, I watched R closely as he ministered. My heart was stirred, though I didn't mention it to him. Later, he said, "You know, I wish I could _____________." (exactly in line with my stirrings!)

Last night, someone approached him about participating in this very ministry!

Yesterday, I was thinking, "I wish I could _____________."

Last night, I discovered that if I will just step out of the way, God will take control and use me in this ministry I never thought of before. I'm trusting that He's already started.

We have seen God's hand start writing it on the wall.

I know this is cryptic. I am refraining from sharing details until everything's finalized. I will tell you that we're standing on the edge of something very different for us. We're so excited that we stayed up til nearly 1:00 this morning talking about it. My anger and frustration are gone, and have been replaced by peace. God is so good.

I'll be back to share more as soon as I'm able.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Hi Melissa,

Can't wait to hear more about what God is showing you. I just loved reading that you were up late talking together about all the possibilities. How exciting!


Alyce said...

Yea, that side of the living room was pretty bare..Peggy refinished the table for me. I found the chairs at 2nd Time Around! The picture came from a store in Hampton. I don't usually have much luck in our stores...mainly the stores in the big cities are good to find things.

Kelly said...

Welcome back!

I am so glad you are feeling peace, and looking forward to hearing what God has in store for you:-)

His Girl said...

ooooooooooh this is going to be goooooood!

Lisa writes... said...

May the Lord establish your steps as He leads you to places you never dreamed of! I cannot wait to hear your testimony of His faithful direction!