March 3, 2009

Just Have to Share This

Wow, you all ask some good & thought provoking questions! I'll start answering later in the week. For now, I've got to tell you what God's been up to!

Saturday I received a card from a good blogging buddy with a nice check for my Peru trip! To say I was stunned is an understatement. I immediately started crying and praising the Lord. This gal is funny, beautiful and so very generous. I don't want to share her identity because, it's "FOR JESUS" as the memo on her check said (which, I must admit, was my very favorite part!). I trust she knows that her obedience is a HUGE blessing to me (as is the lady herself), and I pray that God pours out His blessings on her and her family.

I feel as if during these last two months I've just stood idly by and watched God provide for this trip. He has impressed upon my heart not to do any "fund raising", because He wants to do it Himself. So far, we're over halfway there.

If He teaches me as much during this trip as He's done during the preparation for it...I won't be able to stand it, friends. Honestly, I won't.


Holly said...

I love when Jesus does that!

Praying for you in Peru.

Heather C said...

So very cool! I can't wait to hear all about the things He shows you along the way!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That is so wonderful

Alana said...

What a blessing! So glad for you!