March 15, 2009


That's how old I am today. You do the math. I'll be back tomorrow with weekend highlights (Elizabeth George was AMAZING!). Today, I'm listing 41 things I've learned during my lifetime:

1. Biology doesn't make someone a parent.
2. Love & sacrifice do.
3. Being the older sister can be a pain, but it's mostly good.
4. Ditto for being the younger sister.
5. How to tie my shoes.
6. How to fold fitted sheets.
7. Reading puts the world at your fingertips.
8. Chocolate is a gift from God.
9. So is coffee.
10. A good teacher can leave an indelible print on a life. I was blessed with many.
11. Nobody's perfect.
12. Life is short.
13. Waiting on God is always worth it.
14. Use sunscreen.
15. Don't try a bike ramp after it's been raining.
16. Respect your elders.
17. Laughter is good for the soul.
18. Don't take your friends for granted.
19. People come & go.
20. Nothing quite beats a PB&J sandwich.
21. Well, maybe a grilled cheese.
22. Be yourself.
23. Flashlight tag can be dangerous.
24. A bloody nose is no fun (see # 15 & #23)
25. Soap tastes terrible (but I learned my lesson!)
26. Don't play with matches.
27. There are worse things in life than cleaning the bathroom.
28. A little hard work never hurt anyone.
29. Paper comes from trees, but money doesn't grow on them.
30. God keeps His promises.
31. A great marriage starts with a great friendship.
32. Make time to date your spouse.
33. Asking someone to love you never works out.
34. The Mona Lisa is a lot smaller than you think.
35. Never loan your clothes to your younger sister.
36. "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." - Proverbs 16:18 (NIV)
37. Simple pleasures are the best.
38. Paul Revere never said, "The British are coming!"
39. No matter how beautiful Satan makes something look, it's not going to turn out well.
40. Don't check your hair in the rearview mirror while driving.
41. "Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst." - 1 Timothy 1:15 (NIV)


Anonymous said...

This is a truly great list! You must be a very wise woman indeed.

P.S. Happy Birthday!

His Girl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Sis! Hope it was full of love, Light, and laughter!

(I have something to send you... can you please email me your addy?)

Lisa Spence said...

Great list! #8 and 9--YES and AMEN!

Happy Birthday (again)!

Jill said...

Happy birthday to a dear blogging friend! I hope your day was wonderful and may your year ahead is blessed in many ways.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

What a great list! I love this idea.

I also love:
#25, #31, #32, #35, and #37.

Happy Birthday (again!).

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Oh how I love your list! And you!

Happy birthday again!


Leah said...

Oh, Melissa - I am so, so sorry I missed your birthday!! What kind of friend AM I?? I was away from the computer most of the week, and was surprised (and horrified) to see this post. =(

BUT... I will make it up to you if you ever come to Iowa. =)

Hope your birthday was extra special! I wish you many more happy birthdays, and many more lessons learned the "not hard" way.

Alana said...

That's a lifetime full of wisdom right there. Great list!