March 18, 2009

Totally Random

I've got a couple of posts brewing in my head, but haven't had a chance to get them down yet. I had a headache for 4 days straight. It went away just before CJ came down with the stomach virus. I think we're all a little weary today, but on the path to mending. I have no real point today, but I did want to drop in & say hello.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Despite my headache, it was an altogether lovely day. I got to teach the youth girls' Sunday School (a rare treat...I just fill in for the regular teacher), worship with R & CJ, have lunch and dinner with my closest friend & her family, and even got a nap in between!

More highlights of the day:

~CJ's homemade card that read "Thank you for feeding me, taking care of me, and so on." With a preteen in the house, there's a LOT of "and so on" going on!

~R didn't buy me a card, but said, "This day, 41 years ago, was the best day of my life." *SWOON*. My heart still skips a beat just thinking about it! He's romantic, AND he bakes! My strawberry cake was wonderful. Oh, the Lord blessed me with such a family!

Nothing much else going on here. The house is a mess, and I've been too tired to deal with it. Besides, I was glued to American Idol last night. This is my favorite season. I'm having a hard time picking a clear winner, though I adore Danny. And just WHAT was that Adam did last night? If Johnny Cash were still alive, he would've had a heart attack on the spot! Disturbing what that guy did to the classic Ring of Fire.

R is leaving for a 2-week business trip on Sunday. I'm thankful he'll return for the weekend in between. I'm not sure I could handle it if he didn't.

I haven't forgotten your questions. In fact, I'll answer one of Jill's right now.

What's in YOUR CD player?

At the moment, a solo trax version of Mercy Me's Jesus Bring the Rain. I haven't gotten up the gumption to tell our choir director I'd like to sing it, though.

Another of Jill's questions (she had MANY!) Do you remember the first "chapter" book you read? If so, what memories do you have about it?

I honestly can't remember the FIRST chapter book. Probably the one that stands out to me is Little House on the Prairie. (I read that before Little House in the Big Woods). I remember thinking that Laura was so lucky to go on such a great adventure. And it made me wish my Daddy played the fiddle.

I'll answer more soon. I like stretching this out!

Hope y'all have a good Wednesday.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Strawberry cake is my favorite! And I'm sorry you and CJ haven't been feeling great. There's never a good time for that is there. Hope you're both feeling like yourselves again before your husband leaves. John has been traveling A LOT lately...I don't love it. I'll pray for you.

Jillian, Inc said...

Thanks for answering some of my questions. Once I get going, it's hard to quit asking. ha! Sorry about your headache. I had a headache for 4 days, too. Honestly, I was eating Tylenol like candy. And I love the "and so on" in CJ's card. Made me laugh outloud!

His Girl said...

and so on?... so awesome. so, so so great.

happy birth-week!

Alyce said...

I am glad you had a good birthday, even though you were dealing with a headache..and sorry that its back! far as whats in your CD player...want me to put a plug in for ya w/ our choir director? ;-)

Alana said...

"and so on"...hahaha! Glad your birthday was good. So agree Adam on AI. Poor Johnny!

Lisa writes... said...

All this, and you SING too?