May 19, 2009

Seeking Him Together - Week 2 Discussion

First of all, thanks to my lovely co-host, Amber, for being the hostess with the mostest today. Her discussion questions are here.

Week Two was all about that nasty sin, pride. Evidently, it's one of my favorite sins (at least, according to the quiz on Day 5. By the way, I'm thinking we can expect every Day 5 to be a real eye-opener...but maybe that's just me.)

So, back to pride. Ick. There's no other way to put it. This week was u.g.l.y.

When we are proud, we are driven to promote ourselves and to protect our reputation. (p. 25)

Oh. It's not self-preservation, as I've been prone to call it?

The way we respond to Him in moments of conviction reveals the true condition of our heart. (p. 27)

No defensiveness or excuses? Ahem.

I can't even tell you how much I learned this week. How I came face to face with such an undesirable, sinful part of myself. How, through it all, God loved on me and showed me AGAIN that He loves me too much to leave me where I am. Brokenness is a good thing.

So, now to Amber's questions:

1. How are worry & anxiety expressions of pride rather than humility? I never thought of worry & anxiety as expressions of pride before; however, now I realize that giving into those emotions means I'm putting myself ahead of God and not trusting in Him fully. Worry and anxiety are evidence of my belief that somehow I am in control and have to fix things. That's been an especially tough lesson for me lately, in parenting and in preparing for Peru.

2. How did God speak to you as you went through the list of "proud vs humble" people? He showed me how proud I truly am, through characteristics that I wouldn't have labeled as "pride" until now. No matter what I choose to call it, the bottom line is that I have been entirely proud and not at all humble.

3. If you feel comfortable, share one expression of pride you have been convicted of in this past week. Hmmm...there are so many. One glaring area is being unapproachable or defensive when criticized. I despise being the object of criticism. It's that people-pleasing part of my personality. And the fact that I don't like to be wrong. Instead of accepting criticism as a means to allow me to become more like Jesus, I clam up (or worse yet, start finding fault with my critic).

Not pleasant stuff here. But it's good. In fact, I can't wait to dive into Week 3, Honesty.

What about you...what did you learn this week? Leave your link with Amber (or join us on Facebook) and let us know.


Gretchen said...

Melissa, I, too have that people pleasing spirit. Often and sadly, it eclipses my God pleasing spirit. Oops.

Can't say I'm thoroughly "enjoying" this trip to the wood shed. But I'm sure grateful for it. Blessings on your week.

Diana said...

Yeah, that worry thing is killer. I feel for you. I'm so glad He is patient. Can't you see Him up there sort of chuckling at us... "she doesn't think I have THAT covered?" Totally with you sister. Growing in Him.

Leah said...

Pride IS nasty, isn't it!? And all the ways it manifests itself is sickening. I was completely convicted!!

Kimberly said...


Thanks for commenting on the True Woman website. I'm so glad you included your blog site and really excited about your group doing this study!

I published a little comment to you back on the TW site as well.

May you all walk in the joy and presence of Christ as you seek Him together!

His Girl said...

I can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier! I totally thought I did!

Of course, I love your perspective. I especially identify with this:

despise being the object of criticism. It's that people-pleasing part of my personality. And the fact that I don't like to be wrong. oh pride... she's an ugly thing isn't she? Especially when it's written in black and white like this- but what a great way to expose them to light & let pride lose its power...

well done, sis!

Brandy said...

you were really able to sum up in a few words something that has been a huge problem for me this week. The whole thing about being the object of criticism. I really struggle with that. I could write a book here but I'll spare you because I am not so good at summing things up in a few words.