May 26, 2009

Seeking Him Together - Week 3 Discussion Questions

Hello, gang. Sorry I'm late to the party this week. We were out of town for part of the holiday weekend, and got back later than we'd originally planned. I'm posting the discussion questions now, and will post a linky up late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

So...let's talk honesty. Out of respect for what some people feel comfortable with sharing on their blog, I'm only going to ask a couple of general questions and leave room for you to be as specific as you'd like. Amber asked some great, tough questions on the Facebook group...and you may feel more comfortable sharing there.

~What part of this study or what Scripture has been most helpful to you thus far in understanding what revival means in your life? Why?

~What can we do to create greater freedom in the Body of Christ to be honest with each other?

If there's something more you'd like to share with us this week, please do!

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His Girl said...

Thanks for posting these, sis. I'll put my answers up this evening :)