May 22, 2009

Around the House: May

I am:

~So ready for school to end, but not quite ready for CJ to be in middle school.

~Enjoying softball season with R and CJ. They both play. I'm happy to just cheer them on.

~Overjoyed that Kris won American Idol! He was one of my picks from the first week of the Top 13 (I hadn't seen him til then).

~Excited that R and I will be teaching youth Sunday School next year.

~Wearing my silver ring, and praying for CJ and all my girls to remain pure.

~Thrilled with my anniversary present. It came a week early, and I couldn't wait to start using it!

~Celebrating 16 years of marriage next week. It hasn't all been candlelight and roses but, apart from Jesus, it's been the greatest blessing of my life.

~Convicted by the Seeking Him Bible Study. Tough, but good.

~Thankful for godly friends, both near and far.

~Looking forward to a 3-day weekend filled with softball, yard work, and a quick trip to the beach.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Jillian, Inc said...

Have a great weekend! Last day of school here, too.

His Girl said...

I am... thankful for friends that bring comfort even by just letting you know they are there for you during a really rough week. Even if you keep crossing paths, just knowing she's there is a gift from God.

Alana said...

Wow, middle school! My youngest is heading to kindergarten. I know I will blink and he will be where CJ is.

Happy Anniversary, friend! Hope you guys celebrate well!

Lisa writes... said...

Yay Kris!


MUCH prefer to cheer than to play!

16 years is awesome! We'll be celebrating 18 in July!

Conviction--tough but good, yes and amen!