June 26, 2009

More news from Peru

Here's the latest from Melissa, who tells me she's able to read all your comments from Peru, so be sure you leave some encouraging comments for her...

It's been a full, wonderful day. We started out by going to a couple of soup kitchens, which were really just shacks. I have lots of pictures. The ladies hugged us because we brought them rice & oil. Then we went to a school to share our testimonies again. I went into 6th grade classes. We had one teacher who told us that he always tells his students to put God first & help people. We had another teacher get saved, and many of the kids said they did, too. It's different here, though...so it's hard to know if they really did, but we could look at some of the kids and just tell that they did.

Then we went to a military training center. And guess what I did...I did a parachute training jump from a 5-story tower! I think there were 21 of us who did it. It was so much fun! We jumped down and it was sort of like a bungee jump, then it caught us and it was a zip line down. You should have seen us! But the best part was seeing these men get saved, and the commander crying when we gave him some money to meet the needs of his troop. They invited us back, so we're going Tuesday. They want us to see their museum and visit their store. I've got to make sure I get a souvenir from there. I have pictures to prove what I did!
Please keep praying for our parachute-jumping-gospel-preaching-mission-going friend!
~His Girl Amber


Carrie said...

OH wow, Melissa! Having adventures of all sorts! =D Can't wait to see hte picture proof!

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I love being able to keep up with you and what you're doing! The other day when I read about you being in the schools, ministering to the kids, it gave me chill bumps! That was my favorite part about the Costa Rica trip. I can't wait to hear more, more, more. Now - you REALLY stepped out of your box with that parachute jumping! YOU GO GIRL! Take care. Talk to you soon.

Lisa writes... said...

Oh my word. Parachute jumping? I think my heart stopped just thinking about it.

May the Lord continue to bless your efforts to proclaim the gospel!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I was just catching up. Sounds like you are having a great time -- fruitful and life-changing.